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Tighten Up The Skin After Weight Loss

One thing that i learned after losing hefty amount of weight (in record time!) is to counter back with a big dose of protein shake and workout. If not, you’ll look worse than ever, full with flabby skin. Where’s the hot bikini bod you ask? Read on to find out and I’ll explain why.

Sagging and flabby skin is common whenever you experience (read: rapid) weight loss. No matter you’re doing Atkins, daily interminent fasting, crash diets before wedding, or even post-breakup diets – sagging skin happen as the result of the skin unable to keep up to produce enough collagen with the rapid shrinkage of your body.

And it’s the same if you expand the bodyline rapidly, for example from pregnancy, causing stretchmarks. Hence rapid growth or shrink of your body is not a good thing.  In this case, you’ll get a flabby, sagging, and folding skin in awkward places – definitely not a good sight when couple with a swimming suit.

The key is when you lose weight moderately, the skin will join in and shrink itself accordingly, as it’s elastic. The easiest way is to lose the excess weight moderately, ideally 1 kg per week to give some time for the body to adapt.

As you’re in losing weight mode, increase protein intake with protein-rich foods (chicken, fish, meat, and eggs) and beverages such as whey protein shakes or at least regular milk to fill up the body emptied by fat previously.

Another way to increase muscle mass is to have a regular workout routine. As you’re losing weight, focus more on cardio activity such as running, kickboxing, or zumba to melt off the fat and team with with body toning three times a day. Good toning workout includes pilates and barre workout. Not only you’ll go stronger and more flexible. The skin will also tighten itself at a quicker rate.

Treatments for sagging skin?

Fortunately for us, treatments to treat obvious sagging skin is available practically anywhere, and it’s best to decide which treatment is perfect for your condition.

For example, Natural Radiofrequency and Ultrasound-based technologies have been proven for years to tighten up loose skins without side effects. Ultrasound treatments help to break out fat within the skin while Radiofrequency stimulates collagen production, slowly tighten up the skin.

If you’re a brave lass, invasive, body-contouring procedures are also available – cutting excess skin and tightening them up by suturing the incisions back together. Keep in mind though, as you’re dealing with knives and scalpels here, there’s a possibility of infection and scarring.

Will invasive procedures is more appealing than non-invasive ones? No matter your choice is, tighten up the flabbiness is easier than ever as the next step after losing a huge amount of weight.

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