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Basic Skin Care Guide For Men

Despite the so-called metrosexual movement that embraces men to take care of their skin; there are males out there who are quite defiant when it comes to these things (my spouse even used to be that way, until I convinced him to do otherwise). The truth is men, you don’t have to go as far as and as complicated as the ladies do it daily. Read on this – the basic skin care guide for men.

Believe me, using a bar of soap to wash your face is not the right way to keep the skin clean. In fact, it’s not as effective as a good facial cleanser. A bar of soap is a bit harsher and drier as it’s formulated for the body, as the skin can be a bit thicker than the face. A good facial cleanser (chosen according to your skin type) will purge out oil, dirt, and impurities without stripping off the essential natural oils on the skin, revealing a supple and squeaky clean skin.

Plus, stripping the natural oils produced from your skin too much too long will only cause you to develop dry skin, wrinkles, and fine lines way faster.

And there are different kinds of facial cleansers formulated especially for men, for every skin type, skin issues (such as sensitive or aging), and every budget (even cheaper ones can be effective too!) so you got no excuses to not have one.

I may recommend you to use a toner but I’m guessing it might too much of a hassle to do the job. Just so you know, a toner works well to balance skin pH, and prepping skin’s surfaces for the next step for effective absorption.

As for moisturizer, you should never skip it and no, it doesn’t make you ‘girly’. A moisturizer works to protect your skin from  the dirt, debris, and God-knows-what from sticking onto the face, as well as keeping the skin supple and not drying out. Moisturizer also has extra purposes too, depending on the kind you choose to suit your needs and skin types. For example, dry skin may benefit from creamy, rich moisturizers, while oily ones will love gel/water based moisturizer jam packed with hydrating ingredients.

If you don’t want to prematurely, consider to get yourself a good sunscreen. It’s a well known fact that sun rays are quite damaging to skin (causing the skin to burn and start to form wrinkles). For ease of mind, choose a sunscreen labelled ‘broad protection’ and pick the highest SPF you can find. Done.

Here’s a tip to skip the last two steps; using BB creams can be a sure way to save time, money, and space and still works as effectively as your daily application of moisturizer (although some experts encourage you to apply sunscreen in the usual manner to reap whole benefits). In just 1 minute of applying a drop of BB cream and you’re good to go!

Still sceptical? I don’t blame you as it took me a while to convince my spouse to follow these basic rules. Give t a go for a week, you’ll notice your skin look so much better and start to get attention from the ladies.


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