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Can You Get Addicted to Lip Balms

Surprisingly, a chap stick that you bought a couple has run out. What gives? Well, there’s a possibility that you might get addicted to lip balms. Yes, for real. For all kinds of addictions out there and the one you get is addicted to applying chocolate-flavored lip balm, every half an hour. Read on to know more about the addiction and see if you can solve it for good.

Sure lip balms are soothing to chapped, dry, and cracked lips, as well as making your lips feel luxurious. Plus, they make your lips protected as well – with key and favourite ingredients including shea butter, cocoa butter, petroleum jelly, beeswax, and flavouring.

To date, the score is still 50-50; some may think that getting addicted to lip balms is just a myth while other experts think it’s crucial to have some kind of intervention (I mean, so much time spent attending to your lips every half an hour?), and not treating them as some kind of addiction (if possible) but to cure the compulsion.

Still, if you do have the compulsion, it’s worthwhile to check out this site Lip Balm Anonymous, a site dedicated to helping lip balm addicts, and see if you can at least, reduce the number of times applying a chap stick.

So if do realise that you have some tendency to use it more than 10 times a day, apart from switching to more hydrating lip balm (a good lip balm should keep your lips supple as long as four hours, remember that), you can apply these helpful insights to tone down the compulsion. Hey, lip balms are still a basic necessity!

The most basic rule that should be drilled into your head is that you should never, ever lick your lips. Though it feels like moisturising, you are actually making your lips drier as when the saliva evaporates, it leaves nothing but some material stranded on the lips, making the puckers irritated and dry than ever.

Your lips are still a skin, albeit thinner, and they burn too at a higher degree. Make sure that your trusted lip balm also have an ample SPF value and apply before you head outside (okay, there’s some excuses to apply them more).

If you think applying lip balms is the only way to deal with your chapped, cracked lips, perhaps you may need to look for other possible factors that might be causing your lips not to stay supple for long.

For example, not drinking enough of water and a couple with a few glasses of diuretic drinks and/or alcohol can certainly weaken and drying your lips. So instead reaching your favorite lip balm, a bottle of water can be a perfect alternative.

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