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4 Common Exercise Mistakes

Too Much Cardio And Still Not Slim Out Yet? 4 Mistakes That You May’ve Been Doing

Undoubtedly, working out do help people to shed off some pounds (and at a higher rate too) while relying solely on a healthy diet plan will take way longer to achieve desired weight goal. But still, what can be wrong when you work out so much and still no significant reduction on the waistline? Read on to know the real reason why and how you can combat it to lose excess weight for good.

Cardio (a dreaded word for people too lazy to exercise) is a light to moderate routine that keeps you moving to burn calories as much as possible.

Depending on your condition and preferences, you can do either or both of two kinds in cardio routine: HIIT (short for High Intensity Interval Training) or LIT (Low Intensity Training). HIIT involves alternating short and intense movements (such as burpees and sprinting) with LIT exercises such as walking. Unlike HIIT, LIT doesn’t have alternating routines thus it’s also called as Steady State.

You probably made these mistakes that may stop you from achieving the desired weight goal.

Despite what you might think, doing lots of cardio doesn’t really mean that you can definitely lose weight – which is definitely frustrating if that’s the case.

When it comes to weight loss, how much calories you’re taking in and burning it out plays a key role for you to achieve weight loss and not cardio, strength training, or even pilates that you’ve been doing because they’re just tools for you to increase the rate of calorie burning. So no, just because you do cardio doesn’t mean you can wolf down 2 slices of rich chocolate cake in every meal, daily.

Next time, watch out what you’ve been eating, take note (and reflect), and not repeating the same mistakes again.

Having a steady cardio routine that you religiously been doing for weeks also will not going to help you see any good kind of difference. As your body starts to get used to the movement pattern, you will use energy efficiently for those motions hence not expanding more energy to burn up excess fat. Simply mix up your workout routine to keep your body guessing and you’ll see quicker results!

Another point to remember, more in cardio doesn’t mean is better. In fact, it can be dangerous for your health. Doing cardio for too long can stop you from shedding excess weight and even muscle mass, particularly if you’re not adequately hydrated with poor diet habits, which in turn cause your body into catabolic state that forces it to keep fat for energy storage and breaking down muscle tissue for energy needed instead. The key is regularly doing it.

Not incorporating strength routine also won’t help you to melt the fat faster that you’d like. Cardio burn calories during workout routine but with strength training, the melting calorie effect goes way longer as the metabolism gets revved up and your body burns the fat storage to keep up with the increased muscle mass that you’ve been bulking up (and yes, this routine needs to be varied to be effective too).

Now you know the reasons, simply stop these habits right now and see how your waistline reduce and the six packs will start to show up. For more health tips visit the Advanced Dermatology skin health blog.

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