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Taking Care of Your Skin, While Having a Baby!

Take note: this rule is not only applicable when you’re already pregnant; even planning to conceive needs to take necessary action as well. Read on, the steps and tips that you need to do, when combining skin care, with pregnancy.

We already know and read one point or another; there’s always a clause and/or disclaimer that the product you’re using may or may not be suitable if you’re pregnant and/or lactating and you need to avoid while having your bundle of joy, due to a number of constraints such as possible reasons.

Though pregnancy is relatively takes a short time compared to the years that you live, it’s still important and a determining factor in your life journey. Hence a proper care for every single aspect is essential to not affect the baby in the wrong way. The same rule applies even in makeups and skin care because trust me, you don’t want to keep second-guessing of what you’ve done or would done, if you have problems during childbirth, for the rest of your life.

The truth is there are very few studies concerning on the safety of skin care and makeup products during pregnancy. Because of that, your doctor will likely to recommend you to avoid the product altogether, when in doubt.

Generally speaking, most skin care products and ingredients that are non-prescriptions available in department stores are safe to be used during pregnancy (or, planning for one).

As for prescriptions, are not, because there is not enough evidence to prove that the key ingredients used are safe (avoidance is a simple course of action, to be safe). Though some prescriptions can be given, it’s essential that you have talk to your doctor beforehand to ensure there’s no risk of using them, because different mommies have their own combination of prescription medications.

Organic skin care products, on the other hand, are highly encouraged, as you can be sure that it’s free from preservatives and additives that might harm your baby. What more making it from scratch, right in the comfort of your home!

As for anti-aging treatments, if it’s a non-prescription and comes in the form of a bottle or tube, be my guest and use it liberally, as part of your skin care regime. If it comes in the form of a ray of light or stuff that needs to be injected into your skin (oh, you know, Botox and Fraxels to name a few) then please avoid it altogether, for nine months.

Though those things are localized, you still carry baseline risk when using these high-ends anti-aging treatments and surely, you don’t want to pass the risks unnecessarily for your little one.

Don’t fret if you’re restricted to wear that favorite cream as it’s a bit risky to use when pregnant; alternatives are always available and for a consolation, it’s only for nine months!

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