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Clean Your Skin With Oil?

Using oil for your skin is not new as it exist like, for centuries, though nowadays we tend to think that cleaning your face with oil will make your skin more oily than they should (as if we don’t have enough blotting papers already), hence the more ‘acceptable’ cleansers that are rich, foamy, and leaves your skin squeaky-clean. Before you shun this method out, read on and see how it works and beneficial for your skin.

The oil cleansing method is a way to wash your skin with oil, a little bit of water, and a washcloth. I’m sure I got your eyebrows shoot up – how oil is supposed to clean my skin that’s already full with oil?

This method is not the same as using cleansing oil (you know, that best seller oil cleanser from Shu Uemura) as you’ll be using plain oil without any emulsifying agent, works to remove hard-to-wash makeup, sunscreen, as well as dirt, impurities, and the gunk resided happily within the pores.

The method is fairly simple and the stuff you need is readily available. All you need is to apply a carrier oil onto dry skin (don not wet your skin beforehand, we need them dry).  And massage the oil into your skin to remove the gunk and other stuff. Massage a long as you like and you’ll notice once the oil starts collecting dirt and gunk and stuff, the oil will starts to feel gritty.

The amount of oil is very much depends on the type of skin that you have and how much stuff on your face that you need to take it off. For example, a dry skin should use more oil compared to oily skin; and if you need to take off water proof mascara and heavy makeup, using more oil is essential for effective cleansing.

After you’re done, warm up your skin by steaming them up or even applying a warm washcloth and drape it onto your face for a couple of minutes. Wipe everything with the washcloth and you’ll feel your skin is squeaky clean.

If you like, you can also use your regular facial cleanser though I highly recommend to make it a lot thinner than you normally use in a cleanser – we don’t want to strip too much of oil for moisturizing your skin!

Which oil should you use? Very much depend on what you have as it can be from olive to sunflower to jojoba and to grapeseed oil. You can even use mineral oil or petroleum jelly for this method as long as the combination of oil and the amount works for you, that’s your own formulation.

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