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Ways to Reverse the Sings of Ageing

Wrinkles – the number one issue that we’d think when it comes to ageing but in reality, there are a lot of other factors that can attribute to ageing signs, and it’s more than some light wrinkles on your face according to an article published by Advanced Dermatology. Which are the ageing signs that you have on your skin, right now?

Dark circles, who didn’t have them? Usually panda-like eyes is associated with the lack of sleep, but it actually due to the fat loss within the eye area. As we get older, fat distribution around your eye that are should be evenly spaced, they get separated and lose the volume, making the eye area appear hollow than plump.

Apart from not getting enough snooze, dehydration also plays a key – not drinking enough of water and diet high in salt will only cause water retention and fat shrinkage.

Who would’ve known that your skin type will change as you age? They will eventually turn to dry, flaky, and dull as you get older as the oil glands starts to slow down, making the dry out skin is a prime factor for wrinkles.

An intense hydration of moisturizer made from hyaluronic acid is essential to supply your desert-like skin for good. Remember, dry skin will make you prone to breakouts and you don’t want more acne after those teenage years.

Wrinkles – the crux of ageing skin is wrinkles, no surprises there. To combat the lines and smooth them out, it’s essential that we identify the root cause on the first place, as there are several types of wrinkles. Lines that are form natural from facial expression (crow’s feet, frown lines) can be treated with a strategically-placed Botox shot while sagging and wrinkles made from fat loss can be remedied with dermal fillers.

Couple the treatment with an intensive serum and diet high in antioxidants to repair your skin from the inside, and don’t forget the sunscreen!

The second most common of ageing is definitely sagging skin, happens as your body beginning to produce less and less collagen, while the existing collagen and elastin starts to break up, and with not enough collagen produced to keep up, sagging skin is the result.

If this is your main issue, make vitamin C as your best friend – and that includes your skin products with beauty serum, as well as diet rich with the vitamin. Retinoid can also be handy, as it also speeds up collagen production.

Make this list as your main priority as you get older, preventing these ageing signs should be the main action to keep your skin as young as they can be.

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