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Which Acne-Fighting Ingredient Is Right For You?

Oh no, another acne just pops up? Not to worry, simply apply your trusted acne fighter and you’ll be done with it.

Next morning you notice the acne just got bigger and painful for no reason. What’s the issue here? Read on to find out.

Despite what we used to hear, there’s no single ingredient is the only thing that can kill the zit for sure as different ingredients are suitable for different acne conditions – using the wrong, incompatible one will only make your acne worse, not to mention itchiness, rashes, and even instant allergic reaction. Yikes!

Not to worry, here’s what you need to do.

In my younger years I used to have benzoyl peroxide (in flesh tone for a perfect cover-up) whenever I have zit popping up in the morning. It turns out, this ingredient is suitable if you have red and raised kind, known inflammatory acne. Benzoyl peroxide works by killing zit-causing germs and unclog pores.

Here’s how I usually do to treat them: wash your face with warm water, apply a bit of benzoyl peroxide, just enough to cover whole acne, and cover up with a lightweight moisturiser. You’ll see the acne will reduce considerably and will slowly heal, without scarring!

If you favor a natural, alternative option, tea tree oil will also work nicely for you, with less side effects and irritation as benzoyl peroxide would – as proven by a number of studies specialized in natural treatments.

Salicylic acid is also another popular ingredients when it comes to acne fighting and it’s perfect to treat blackheads and whiteheads – known as comedonal acne – happens when oil plus dirt clogging the pores. The acid will help to gently exfoliate the topmost of the skin, clearing out clogged pores for good.

For severe cases of acne (especially cystic kind, characterized by deeper and painful bumps, with higher risks of scarring) you need Accutane as benzoyl peroxide won’t be enough to heal the annoying zit. Although Accutane have worked for millions, you still need to get your doctor’s permission before getting your hands on it, due to some potential side effects.

If, and only if your acne is already and/or seems to get worse, perhaps it’s a good idea to incorporate oral antibiotics to help cleanse your body and germs from within. Ask your doctor if he can prescribe you antibiotics such as minocycline and tetracycline, for example.

Good news if you have mature skin: you can use your topical Retinoids to help you dealing with the pesky acne. Blocked pores do respond well with Retinoids, plus it will help you to get some anti-aging benefits such as boosting collagen production and encouraging healthy cell turnover – talk about multiple benefits!

While we’re on about killing these zits, it’s helpful to know that eating foods plenty with vitamin C, and E, as well as drinking plenty of plain water is essential to make the acne disappear without leaving any scars. Try it out one of these methods (according to your kind of acne), team it up with a healthy diet and you’ll see the acne will disappear in just a couple of days. I know I did.

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