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The Gut and Skin Connection

Now really, what does my gut has a thing to do with my skin? Well, every part of it. Read on and see how they’re related (closely) to each other and I bet it’ll give you some gentle surprise.

You know that how and what you put on to your skin will show up almost as soon as possible afterwards. And you know what, it doesn’t stop there as what you eat also influences how your skin will look, big time, as far as all over allergic reaction and the rashes and dull-looking skin for anything tiny like a small zit, it relates directly to the things that you eat.

It’s true what the old timers would say that nearly all diseases (and that also include problematic skin conditions) comes from your gut. The digestive system houses bacteria flora within the linings of your intestines, with the ratio of good bacteria is more than the bad ones. The good bacteria are needed to process and absorb nutrients from the food that we eat, while purging out the waste.

If you’re eating healthy, the gut will work as efficiently as they should but if you’re eating unhealthily, the gut won’t work 100% as the bad bacteria will start to take over ones the good ones will be nearly wiped out – and that’s where a plethora of medical and skin conditions will start to come out such as flaky skin, rashes, extreme lethargic, and even acne breakouts.

Improper undigested foods will sit within the tract lining and they will eventually rot – mucus will began to build along the wall, preventing healthy nutrient absorption and nutrient elimination. A tell-tale sign that your gut is not working as optimum as they should be when you have unusual bouts of bloating, flatulence and even cramping, especially after meals.

So if you want to avoid this problem and getting a clear, glowing skin in return, the first step is to avoid all unhealthy food at all costs (you know, fast food, processed food, refined carbs, sugar, and caffeine) while loading up healthy, nutritious and wholesome foods coupled with plenty of plain water. It’s simple.

Plus, avoiding yourself to be in stressful life also plays a role in maintaining the health of your gut, which in turn, brings out a healthy skin!

And here’s some extra tip; you might want to set aside some days (preferably two Sundays in a month) for some monthly detoxing routine to speed up gut-cleaning process. Simply loading up veggies, fruits and high fiber bread will help to clean and purge out the waste from every inch of your gut’s lining in no time.



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