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Surviving Pains And Tremors From a Bikini Wax

Sure, unlike short term results of shaving and hair removal cream, bikini waxing is much more appealing compared to pricey laser hair removal treatment as you don’t have to think about shaving for the next couple of months. While the sound of the word ‘wax’ can be painful, let me help you with these pointers should you ever be getting stripped yourself. You’re welcome.

Thorough research is essential before getting a strip; no matter how tempting of low prices of certain beauty centers in most cases, they’re not worth your pain. Look for reviews of the place and ask for recommendation from your colleagues and friends. After all, once you like the place, chances are that’s the same spot you’ll be heading for the next appointment.

Hence make sure the staff they employed to do the job, overall looks of the clients getting their service, and the policy (especially hygiene-wise). If these elements are in place, you can assure that they take waxing hair stuff very seriously.

Once you’ve chosen the place to get the job done, book an appointment way in advance until the hair grown to at least a quarter of an inch long for easier removal, and make them a week after your next menstrual cycle – as waxing business before will make your skin irritated as they’re more sensitive prior to menstruation.

The day before the appointment, I strongly encourage you to exfoliate thoroughly to smooth out hair follicle for easier hair removal (and less pain!).

As you arrive to get stripped – kindly inform the staff of any health conditions and see if the medications or topical products you’re taking can react adversely with waxing (like Accutane or retinol). It is also helpful to inform them that you’re in there for the first time so the staff will get the job done in friendlier way – they’ll be happy to share tips and info regarding waxing and stripping, even perhaps making extra effort to make you comfortable.

And another thing on bikini wax, as the process involves, um, in the bikini area, you don’t’ have to shy and squeamish, the staff have seen a lot and it’s just a normal day of work for them.

Keep in mind to relax and think of the end result after bikini wax – you’ll like it for real – and note if you do suffer from long term burning, itchy feeling, or even slight bleeding, you need to inform the staff immediately and the staff will help you sort out the problem.

Trust me, after the hurdles of your first ever bikini wax, you’ll be coming back for more (that’s why I’m stressing the research part in the first place) and the good news is, the hair will be thinner than usual and definitely less pain on the next sessions.

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