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Rules of Self-Tanning

First I’ll offer my applause as you’re choosing a self-tanner instead if tanning beds to get that sun-kissed glow for your skin. After the continuous campaign that sun exposure is not so good for your skin – getting a fake tan is the easy way. Hey, if it’s fake but safe, who cares? Read on the simple guidelines in self-tanning and I’m sure you can maximize the potential to get the glow in a bottle.

First things first, I recommend that you exfoliate your skin thoroughly before applying the fake tan. A thoroughly exfoliated skin will ensure the product stays in uniform for longer onto your skin, and pay attention to rough areas like elbows and knee joints. Not too much though, a loofah with some shower gel is enough to do the trick.

My special tip, to reap the maximum benefits of self-tanner, is to apply them right during the night and sleep through it. A good self-tanner needs at least 8 hours to start settling into the skin and create even color for your skin (and please where some loose clothes that you don’t mind staining it during the routine). And while you’re at it, stay somewhere in a cool room to avoid producing sweats that can only cause unsightly streaks.

Ladies, no matter how rush you’re in, do not shave immediately before applying self-tanner as shaving can create unintentional cuts (ouch!). You can shave, of course, but do it a couple of hours before applying self-tanner onto the area.

The thing with self-tanner is you need fewer amounts when it comes to the face with the same bottle – simply mix a bit of self-tanner with your favorite moisturizer to dilute some of the color and apply lightly onto your face.  Start will small amount, gradually increasing it to even the color and bring out the glow, you don’t want blotchy tan on your face. You don’t.

Another good tip is to use some tools when applying fake tan, instead of directly using your hand. Uneven streaks on your palms will give it away that you’re not as glowy as you might be. Try out a super large makeup sponge, mitts, and gloves for even application. If in case of emergency, scrub your hand directly after applying to wash out the color.

So what would you do is you have splotches here and there? Simply take a warm shower after the tan has set and to rinse off a little bit of the color (you might want to place a full-length mirror to check).

As there are a lot of self-tanning products out there in the market, I strongly encourage you to ask for recommendations (your stylish best friend, perhaps?) to know if the product is the right one for your skin. Choosing wrongly not only makes your skin looks worse and orangey than you’d like, there’s also a possibility that you might not be suitable for the couple of ingredients listed in the product.

There you have it, these tips and guides on using fake tans will certainly help you to achieve the glow-sun kissed bod in no time.



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