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Korean Beauty Secrets

As the quote puts it: Korean’s cosmetic technology is ten years advance than the West – simply because their culture puts heavy emphasis in taking care of their skin as young as in their primary schools. If that’s the case, why not we learn a trick or two of their beauty secrets to emulate their youthful. Glowing skin? Read on to find out more.

Drinking enough water is the first thing that you need to do: water flushes out toxins and impurities from the body to reveal a healthy, supple, and glowing skin. For faster results, start the day with a cup of warm water to kick start your digestive system to purge out bad and useless stuff in high gear.

As actress Suzy Bae done it, she uses “424” cleansing rule: 4 minutes to remove dirt, impurities, and makeup with a makeup remover. Couple it with a gentle massage to increase the efficiency. Next, take 2 minutes to wash your face with a cream foam and another 4 minutes, rinse with warm water (very effective to remove cleanser), followed by a splash of cool water to tighten opened pores.

Toner is used very religiously among Korean women; with bare fingertips, pat toner gently into the skin. The same thing also goes for moisturizer and eye cream; apply with warm hands and massage from inside out in circular motion. BB or CC creams work similar as a moisturizer would thus these products are preferable to Korean gals.

Exfoliation is also the key to younger skin; instead of doing it all over the face, they only focus troubled spots such as chin and nose, as well as the lips.

Undoubtedly, Korean skin masks are one of the most sought after skin care products around the world. Ideally you should do it once a week to rejuvenate and pamper your skin. Not to worry, homemade ones are effective as well; just choose the right one for your skin needs. Apply to your neck as well for an all-out beauty.

Plus, one thing that differs Korean ladies from the rest (skin care wise) is their excessive use of skin care products – emulsion, essence, and serum (especially for 30 and above) – used religiously day in day out, fir for their skin types and needs. These products offer intense hydration, repairing the skin from within, as well as early protection against aging.

They also ‘train’ their face regularly to practice lips and cheeks. Actress Go Hyun Jung tells us that a good, long laugh is good to exercise the face and give some radiance from the inside.

I bet by now you think these tips are hard to get done every single day, but trust me, these things also mean good habits – change it for the better and you’ll soon see your skin do the same.

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