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How too Much Of Sugar Can Make You Look Old

Creamy cupcakes and crunchy cookies – who wouldn’t have it? Sugary sweet snacks is indeed a comfort food that it can be a bit impossible to not eating it. I know the feeling, especially if you’re on a diet (the tempations seems to skyrocket). But let me convince you to know that regularly consuming foods that are low in sugar can be good for your health, as well as for your skin. Read on to find out more.

And it’s not limited to desserts – white foods such as white bread and pasta can also make your skin to look old in the long run. It’s because of the after having a meal heavy in carbs, your body actually inflamed, affecting all organs and causing them in stress.

When this happens, your immune system kicks in to heal whatever problem it might cause but when the inflammation is chronic (that is, consuming sugar and carbs day in day out), the immune system will make their job easier by constantly patrolling within blood circulation that in turns outs your body in continuous stress – hence affecting overall skin and texture.

Another cause for concern when consuming too much of sugar is the process of glycation. When sugar is digested, the process will break down sugars until glucose (the simplest form of sugar) formed. This sugar will then attaches itself to collagen, burdening them  and make the collagen rigid and inflexible (causing you wrinkles and sagging skin), as well as forming new molecules called advanced glycation end products (or AGE – see? The subtle proof that sugar makes you old).

More sugar consumed equals more AGE forms, harming proteins in domino-like effect, with the most vulnerable would be collagen, as well as attacking proteins and collagens Type I, II,and III (with III is the most stable and long lasting while I is the most fragile).  If you’re more than 35 years old, beware – the effect is more prevalent and will increase rapidly.

One more effect of sugar with your skin? AGEs will inhibit your body’s enzymes of sun protection, making you more vulnerable to sun rays – doubles up aging effects on your skin.

The key to combat this problem primarily by cutting of sugary foods and swapping them with sugars found naturally in food – typically in fresh foods like fruits and veggies.

I hope I got you convinced that too much of sugars can definitely make you old. No matter how much anti-aging products you keep on applying, it will be wasted if your diet hasn’t changed for the better.

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