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The Gut and Skin Connection

Now really, what does my gut has a thing to do with my skin? Well, every part of it. Read on and see how they’re related (closely) to each other and I bet it’ll give you some gentle surprise. You know that how and what you put on to your skin will show up almost […]

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How too Much Of Sugar Can Make You Look Old

Creamy cupcakes and crunchy cookies – who wouldn’t have it? Sugary sweet snacks is indeed a comfort food that it can be a bit impossible to not eating it. I know the feeling, especially if you’re on a diet (the tempations seems to skyrocket). But let me convince you to know that regularly consuming foods […]

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Surviving Pains And Tremors From a Bikini Wax

Sure, unlike short term results of shaving and hair removal cream, bikini waxing is much more appealing compared to pricey laser hair removal treatment as you don’t have to think about shaving for the next couple of months. While the sound of the word ‘wax’ can be painful, let me help you with these pointers […]

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Cellulite Treatments

What is cellulite? It is also known as an orange peel effect in which women suffer from fat accumulation on various parts of the body. The major parts which get affected are the thighs and hips, the lower region of the body. It affects the appearance of the skin like creating a dimple and wrinkle […]

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Best Anti Ageing Serums

If you’re reading this, I bet you have an inkling of wanting to use a serum for yourself. Well, good for you as using a serum is actually one of the ways to keep your skin younger for longer. Just sit back for a moment and read through our review of top six of anti-aging […]

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Tighten Up The Skin After Weight Loss

One thing that i learned after losing hefty amount of weight (in record time!) is to counter back with a big dose of protein shake and workout. If not, you’ll look worse than ever, full with flabby skin. Where’s the hot bikini bod you ask? Read on to find out and I’ll explain why. Sagging […]

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Basic Skin Care Guide For Men

Despite the so-called metrosexual movement that embraces men to take care of their skin; there are males out there who are quite defiant when it comes to these things (my spouse even used to be that way, until I convinced him to do otherwise). The truth is men, you don’t have to go as far […]

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Which Acne-Fighting Ingredient Is Right For You?

Oh no, another acne just pops up? Not to worry, simply apply your trusted acne fighter and you’ll be done with it. Next morning you notice the acne just got bigger and painful for no reason. What’s the issue here? Read on to find out. Despite what we used to hear, there’s no single ingredient […]

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Korean Beauty Secrets

As the quote puts it: Korean’s cosmetic technology is ten years advance than the West – simply because their culture puts heavy emphasis in taking care of their skin as young as in their primary schools. If that’s the case, why not we learn a trick or two of their beauty secrets to emulate their […]

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